In August of 2012, the Catholic University of Pelotas was accredited by the CAPES (Committee of Enhancement of Personnel of Superior Level (CAPES) in one more Masters course in the Collective Health area.

This is a victory for the entire region, which will be able to qualify their health professionals and give them the opportunity to pursue a Professional Master’s degree in health of woman, child and adolescent.

The Course

In its release, the proposal received CAPES’ recommendation immediately with a grade 4 – the maximum grade that may be achieved by programs with only Master’s degrees is 5.
The course is focused in a training in which the scientific and technological knowledge are in line, to prepare professionals preferably already inserted in the health system. By means of this course, for example, a professional from the health area who works at a Basic Health Unit and has no intention of becoming a researcher or a teacher – but desires to expand his/her knowledge – may choose that modality.

The Professional Master’s degree brings much knowledge, allowing professionals to identify, understand and intervene in the health-disease process, with emphasis in the initial stages of the vital cycle and of mental health. This training shall have direct impact in the community served by such professional. The Master’s degree shall provide means for the use of scientific knowledge, aiming to strengthen actions among the population.

During the course, students shall make use of research methods when performing investigations in the area of health of woman, child and adolescent, focusing on collective health; they will be able to identify relevant topics and outline their researches and to collect and analyze data, being also qualified to implement and consolidate intervention conditions in the area of health of woman, child and adolescent in Pelotas and its surroundings; they will understand how to provide data, documents and projects that support prevention and intervention, amongst other goals.


Teacher Doctor Fernando Celso Lopes Fernandes de Barros