Gestational Health and Puerperium
To develop studies related to the subjects that involve the woman since the gestational period until postpartum, in order to protect the new-born. The objective line also studies grievances during the perinatal period, as well as the diagnostic methods frequently used and intervention strategies.

Child Development
Seeks to enhance professionals of the area in assessing aspects related to child development and its psychological, genetic, social and cultural influences.

Preventive Strategies for the Health of the Life Cycle
Seeks to understand biopychosocial factors related to the application of SUS principles and to the offering of prevention strategies in health, as well as in the development of adequate attitudes and behaviors for the absorption of such strategies.

Preventive Strategies in Mental Health
Seeks to maximize the efforts of health professionals for the primary health care for mental illnesses. Through the investigation of different clinic and population contexts, the line seeks to contribute with the elaboration of mental health prevention strategies, according to risk factors and shields revealed, to elaborate periodic mechanisms for those strategies in the several points of the mental health care network, as well as to promote technical resources to evaluate such procedures.

Psychodiagnostic evaluation and brief interventions in mental health
Seeks to enhance health professionals, enabling them to precisely identify mental disorders and perfect the treatment of mental disorders in the clinical context. The line seeks to contribute with the creation and validation of psychometric instruments, elaboration of guidelines for assessment and forwarding of subjects in the health network, as well as to promote abilities that perfect the psychodiagnostic evaluation. It also aims to contribute with the creation and structuring of brief intents protocols, to evaluate the influence of different contexts over the therapeutic process and results, as well a to promote abilities that augment the effectiveness and efficiency of the interventions in mental health by the Sistema Único de Saúde.