The Post-Graduation in Health and Behavior Program is an advanced university space of teaching and research, connecting different disciplines related to health, promoting this way studies, researches and specific social actions targeting the professional and academic scope.

The Program began in 1994 as a Master’s in Mental Health and was reformulated in 1998, based on an evaluation of its internal development and its comparison with already consolidated programs, using as reference especially the Programs from UNIFESP (Federal University of São Paulo); in the year of 2000, it was renamed to Master’s in Health and Behavior.

The current configuration was consolidated, whose emphasis is the search for the student’s methodological research excellence aimed to research methods in the health area.

The Program counts on a formal instrument of self-assessment and realizes systematic weekly meetings of the teaching staff and student body, where all required administrative and academic aspects are discussed in order to maintain and perfect the operation quality.

With the new proposal, the Post-Graduation in Health and Behavior Program was recognized in 2001 with concept 3 by CAPES, and later on, in 2007’s triennial evaluation, it obtained concept 5, the maximum grade for programs with Master’s degree only. In the beginning of 2008, after obtaining concept 5 for the Master’s course, the doctorate course implementation was requested, being approved by CAPES in august of this year, also with concept 5.


Teacher Gabriele Cordenonzi Ghisleni

Gonçalves Chaves st, 377 – room 324 building C
ZIP Code: 96015-560
+55 (53) 2128 8031